Our values are reflected in our purpose statement and our five themes of quality, integrity, trust, respect, and thankfulness. Every day, we try to reflect these values in all that we do and in all of our relationships, internally and externally. We are not always perfect, but we always try to make things right when we aren’t. As part of our respect for others and the environment, we are meticulous about using energy efficient methods and “green” materials and technology.


The qualities that differ us from other companies are:

  • Common-Sense Approach
  • Flexibility and Capacity
  • Responsiveness
  • Team Stability

We are appreciative to have a skilled staff of competent people, who offer coherent, practical input into all aspects of a project, allowing us to control budgets and stay on schedule.

We have flexibility in our administration and labor capacity to allow us to take on a wide range of projects, but remain flexible to meet the unexpected needs of our valued clients.

We are large enough and have the experience to handle any size project that we engage, yet not so large that small to mid-size projects get lost.

Our management team/office staff has a year of experience in this business and our company too. The sub-contractors/vendors we utilize for many projects are organizations that have worked with Rite-Way for many years. The same key team members that initiate a project take ownership and stay engaged through successful completion. This allows us to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. 


Monday to Friday : 08:00- 18:00
Saturday and Sunday: 08:00- 20:00